My art therapy services include both individual and group settings. During an individual session, the therapeutic approach, materials and methods are individually tailored to the client’s issues and needs. Sessions usually last 90 minutes and take place weekly. The length of therapy is agreed upon individually. In a group session, the creative process and the work produced, are considered and reflected upon in the group, according to each participant’s personal needs. Art therapy in a group setting provides a different experience than individual work and allows for further approach to the works through shared contemplation and exchange with other group members. There are individual reactions, thoughts, and comments that only occur in this setting. The sessions in the group setting usually last 120 minutes, held weekly in a closed group with a maximum of 4 participants. The topics as well as the methods used for group art therapy are announced in advance and the length of therapy is 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the topic. I will gladly inform you of current group offerings if needed.

Here are some methods I use in my individual and group art therapy settings:


The short structured

Art Therapy

KSKT® is a short-term art therapy intervention developed by Prof. Dr. Alexandra Hopf especially for cancer patients in the acute treatment phase. It is also suitable for time limited therapy contacts in the context of other diseases and therapeutic settings. Using the artistic technique of collage, the KSKT® method aims to address central issues of patients in existentially uncertain life situations, to mobilize resources, and to create more options for action and stability in order to cope with the disease.

MRE® –



MRE® is an image and sound supported relaxation method of simultaneous and connected perceptual sensation. The method was developed by IEK – Institut für Entspannungstechniken und Kommunikation for therapeutic as well as educational work and functions on numerous levels of perception. By means of images, colors, forms, contrasts as well as tones, sounds and acoustic and in combination with the effective power of the five MRE® elements, the element fire, earth, water, air and ether, a relaxation is achieved by MRE® method, which leads to uncovering and grasping of feelings, which opens personal inner worlds and facilitates experience realms of own visions.



‘Practical Metamorphosis’ was developed by Claas Hoffmann during his long-term work in the field of clinical art therapy. The process of metamorphosis is a helpful example of a transformation in which one remains true with oneself. The method of “Practical Metamorphosis” is based on the experience of discovering the changes in the soul through the transformation phases in the creative process. An experience that leads to self-awareness and to self-acceptance. Both modeling with clay and painting with color are used in the method to make the transformation of artistic self-expression visible.